14 January 2021 11.10am

A fire, that began early morning 13 January at the Papakura Scrap Metal Yard, is now under control and fully contained (as of 6.30am 14 January).

Cleaning up after the fire

It’s possible that soot or debris from the Papakura Scrap Metal Yard fire may have gotten into nearby dwellings, offices, shops and other buildings.

Smoke particles and the smell of smoke can persist inside buildings. Some people, including young children and people with pre-existing health conditions, may be exposed to small particles (pollutants) that have landed on surfaces.

There are a number of simple steps you can do to improve air quality in your home or office and reduce the risk of pollutants from the smoke, dust or soot impacting your and others’ health.

We recommend:

  • opening windows and doors to bring in fresh air
  • cleaning the house to remove soot or dust from surfaces. We recommend wet wiping rather than sweeping
  • cleaning air conditioning unit filters, air filters and ventilation systems
  • washing railings, balconies and decks, and wiping outside furniture and objects with a damp cloth
  • washing hard surfaces, food preparation areas and any cooking utensils that have been left out with detergent and hot water.
  • cleaning filters and covers of outdoor pools or any other recreational water use sources
  • checking drinking water, if sourced from the roof/ surface water
  • washing home grown fruit and leafy vegetables before consuming raw



Fire and Emergency New Zealand has information on restoring your property after a fire:

If you have any respiratory symptoms that you are concerned about, you should seek assistance from your primary health provider or contact Healthline 0800 611116 for free, 24 hour health advice

For health advice call Healthline for free anytime on 0800 611 116
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