Local immunisation programmes

Authorised vaccinators can only independently administer vaccines that are part of an approved immunisation programme.

The National Immunisation Schedule is an approved national immunisation programme. This means that authorised vaccinators can independently administer publically funded vaccines included in the National Immunisation Schedule.

An approved local immunisation programme is the only way an authorised vaccinator can independently administer vaccines that are not publically funded (e.g. workplace influenza vaccines).

You must apply to the local Medical Officer of Health for your region to obtain approval for a new local immunisation programme. You do not have to be an authorised vaccinator or a health professional to apply for a local immunisation programme, however, only authorised vaccinators can administer the vaccines.

Travel vaccines (i.e. vaccines that are not commonly used in New Zealand) cannot be included.

If you would like to obtain approval for a new local immunisation programme in the Auckland region, complete the Application for new local immunisation programme (.docx).

Local immunisation programme approval does not expire, so you do not need to reapply for approval.

If you would like to add new vaccines to an existing local immunisation programme, complete the Application to add vaccines to existing local immunisation programme (.docx). If there are any other changes to the programme (such as programme manager, setting etc), you must inform ARPHS as soon as possible.

Programmes must comply with the immunisation standards for vaccinators and guidelines for organisations offering immunisation services and authorised vaccinators delivering a local immunisation programme, as stated in the Ministry of Health Immunisation Handbook.

Programmes must follow the same procedures stated in the original application, unless the Medical Officer of Health approves of any changes.

Programme approval is limited to the vaccines stated on the Local immunisation programme approval certificate. If the above requirements are not met, then approval may be withdrawn.

Last updated 27.3.2024

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